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Fresh air ventilator

Fresh air ventilator
  • Product name: Fresh air ventilator
  • Product Brand: DYNASTY
  • Product model: HW-J250BX, HW-J350BX
  • Fresh air volume (m³/h): 250/350
  • Features:
  • 1.Humanized comfortable control, which can be set and automatically adjusted according to human comfort requirements;
    2. Equipped with a special air filter device to achieve air fresh;
    3. Quiet operation;
    4. High seal, high ventilation efficiency;
    5. Energy saving, high energy recovery efficiency.
What is fresh air ventilator

Fresh air ventilator is relatively unfamiliar to us. The ventilating fan may be much more familiar. Fresh air ventilator is a more advanced type of the heat exchanger. Fresh air ventilator is a new product and just became popular in these years. It has been mostly used in industries, such as industrial heat recovery and fuel oil industries. However, because of its advantages, it has slowly been popularized and accepted by families.

Working principle of fresh air ventilator

The fresh air ventilator is to achieve a replacement of stale interior air by fresh exterior air through its own motor. During the replacement process, because of its own filtering and energy recovery functions, the air will be filtered during the replacement process and substance such as dust, PM2.5, haze, bacteria and other macromolecular will be removed in advance. When exhausting polluted interior air, the interior energy can be recovered, so that the temperature can be adjusted to close to the indoor temperature before the fresh air enters the room, so as to achieve energy-saving effects.

Classification of fresh air ventilator

1. Capillary core of fresh air ventilator

When indoor air conditioning exhaust air and outdoor fresh air extract through the heat exchange core in a cross manner, because the gap between the fibers is very small, only water vapor molecules with a smaller particle size can pass through, and other harmful gases with a larger particle size or peculiar gas molecules cannot pass through, thus realizing the exchange of temperature and humidity. In summer operation, the fresh air obtains cold energy from the exhaust air of the air conditioner, so that the temperature is reduced, and the water vapor in the fresh air penetrates into the exhaust air under the action of partial pressure; in winter operation, the fresh air obtains heat energy from the exhaust air of the air conditioner, so that the temperature will rises, the water vapor in the exhaust air penetrates into the fresh air.

2. Evaporative aluminum core of fresh air ventilator

The unit uses a static cross-flow heat exchange core. The core is made of hydrophilic aluminum foil as a carrier. It is composed of several layers of heat exchange units. The fluid channels of the two adjacent layers of unit bodies are arranged in a positive cross. The principle is a fan introduced indoor and outdoor two streams of air. Before the indoor exhaust air passes through the heat exchange core, the indoor exhaust air is firstly humidified by the vaporization and heat absorption of the atomized water to make the indoor exhaust air reach an air state close to the wet bulb temperature. At this time, the temperature of the indoor exhaust air is lower than the dew point temperature of the outdoor fresh air, and then flows through the heat exchange core in a positive cross mode with the outdoor fresh air. The heat is transferred from the high temperature side to the low temperature side through the heat transfer baffle for heat exchange. (The fresh air in summer transfers heat to the exhaust air, and in winter do reverse way) The outdoor fresh air after heat exchange is then sent to the desired room by the air duct.

Advantages of fresh air ventilator

Filtration: When ventilating, the air can be filtered largely to ensure the air is clean;

Quiet: Everyone knows that the exhaust fan in the past is the same as the tractor that make large noise, while fresh air ventilator uses the same sound insulation material in the inside as the air conditioner and the ball bearing motor is adpoted to make the noise lower;

Energy recovery: The previous ventilating fans only replace the air and cannot recover the heat in the air, but our fresh air ventilator can achieve this, and the heat recovery rate can reach 84%, thus achieving energy-saving effects;

Larger ventilating area: ordinary ventilating fans have limited ventilating area, while Fresh air ventilators can use ducts to achieve full 24-hour ventilation.

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